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At Hyoco we manufacture high quality LED displays and are one of the leading digital signage companies. We provide displays to anyone, from Small Businesses to Shopping Malls and Stadiums. 



Hyoco maintains parts availability for all current products, and for phased out products 5 years after End of Life.



At Hyoco we really care about our customer feedback. Check out our amazing client testimonials here >

USA Team

USA Team

Unlike many others, we do not re-package overseas products that were designed with very little knowledge of American needs and environment conditions.

Low Running Cost

Low Running Costs

In today’s competitive market, you want to get the most for your money. The initial cost does not represent the Total Cost of Ownership

Hyoco Products

We have a wide selection of products for you to choose from

Outdoor Products

We offer the largest variety of pixel resolutions in the industry. Our outdoor displays range from 10mm to 89mm, allowing your clients to have a wider selection.

Indoor Products

We our proud of our high resolution and flexible mounting design. Hyoco’s IMP Series is a significant advertising tool to the Indoor commercial, sports and retail markets.

Digit Displays

We provide a wide range of digit displays, be it showing prices, time and temperature of the day, get in touch today to find out more.

Software & System

Hyoco’s software is extremely user friendly with all the latest convenience. Image processing and internet technology all in one package


Interested in LEDs as much as us? Here you can learn about what makes Hyoco LED displays different to our competitors.

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Weekly Webinars

Easy online Tutorials and Educational videos. Also you can join our weekly interactive webinar to experience our features in detail.

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Hyoco LED Displays are designed by Americans for America



We service large Corporations to Local Businesses

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Jiffy Lube
Hard Rock Casino
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