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Basic Terminology

Viewing Angle

Viewing angle is the range that LED display achieves its widest visual performance. It is usually calculated at the angle, at which a display still has > 50% of its straight brightness.

Hyoco Display viewing angle


At night, generally speaking, LED displays are readable with low brightness. However, to ensure your LED display is also readable and outstanding against the sunlight during the day time is the most important key to turn the pass-by traffic to your business. HYOCO’s LED displays are well-known as the brightest products in the industry.

Image Enhancement Technology

There are many different ways to enhance display image quality, certain manufacturers would use 1 or 2 of them. With Hyoco products, you get them all!

Pixel Design

Stringent LED selection for brightest and most vibrant color Unique Pixel Layout Design for best Pixel Definition Signature louver design for the best contrast under any light conditions

Hardware Image Processing & Enhancement

Many competitors are using software image enhancement and virtualization to enable to reduce the number of LEDs used Hyoco’s Hardware based Image Processing & Enhancement yields the best performance and display results

Software Content Preprocessing and Management

No need to resize your images to match the resolution of the sign individually Our software allows you the drag & drop and taking care of everything else automatically The is done while your images are optimized for the sign for display quality