The Brightest Gas Pricers for Fuel Retainers

GPC Series – Gas Station Pricer

HYOCO offers the largest assortment of sizes for Gas Price Changers.

We carry sizes from 12” to 120” digit sizes in Gallon format of 88.89 or Liter format of 888.8; and we also have the colors Red, Amber, or Green to choose from. With the brightest LEDs in the industry, you are sure to stand out from your competition.

Allowing instant change to the displayed prices with a simple remote control, Hyoco offers the widest selection in sizes from 12” to 120” in digit height, color in Red, Amber or Green, format in Gallon 88.89 or Liter 888.8. With the brightest LEDs in the industry, we stand out like beacon to the passing motorists.

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Hyoco Standard GPC Specifications

Model NameGPC12GPC16GPC18GPC24GPC30
Pixel Diameter10mm10mm10mm10mm10mm
Cabinet Dimensions (inches)18.2x36.8x3.022.4x46.7x3.025.4x52.0x3.030.3x63.6x3.036.1x81.7x3.0
Character Height12’’16’’18’’24’’30’’
Brightness (NITs)≧ 5,000≧ 5,000≧ 5,000≧ 5,000≧ 5,000
Optimal Viewing Distance60’-660’60’-660’60’-660’60’-660’60’-660’
Model NameGPC32GPC36GPC48GPC60
Pixel Diameter42mm42mm52mm52mm
Cabinet Dimensions(inches)38x96.1x543.3x108.3x555.1x139.8x566.9x161.4x9.4
Character Height32’’36’’48’’60’’
Brightness(NITs)≧ 7,000≧ 5,500≧ 4,800≧ 5,200
Optimal Viewing Distance160’-1650’160’-1650’160’-1650’210’-1800’