Outstanding Performance HD Resolution Full Color Indoor LED Display

Genesis IMP Full Color Series

For indoor applications such as sport events or the hall of malls

The viewing distance greater than LCD display can deliver and less than the outdoor LED display resolutions can address, the Genesis IMP series is the perfect solution.

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Pixel TechnologyReal PixelReal PixelReal PixelReal PixelReal Pixel
Pixel ArrangementsRGB 3 in 1RGB 3 in 1RGB 3 in 1RGB 3 in 1RGB 3 in 1
Module Size32x3232x3232x3216x1616x16
Standard Brightness (IMPLite)20002500250025002000
Extra Brightness (Regular IMP)x60004500xx
Grayscale16 bits16 bits16 bits16 bits16 bits
Color Processing281 Trillion281 Trillion281 Trillion281 Trillion281 Trillion
Frame Rate60 FPS60 FPS60 FPS60 FPS60 FPS
Refresh Rate1200 Hz1200 Hz1200 Hz1200 Hz1200 Hz
Dimming100 Levels100 Levels100 Levels100 Levels100 Levels
Optional Modular CabinetYesYesYesYesYes