Widest Grayscale Resolutions on the Market

PCB Genesis Single Color Series

Hyoco offers the broadest variety of single color (Red/amber) displays in 10/16/20/22/34mm.

While less and less manufacturers and distributors are offering this kind of traditional product, single color grayscale displays are still extremely affordable and widely sought after by your local schools, churches, and mom and pop shops.

With Hyoco’s wide single color options, you can easily find the right solution to fit your smaller clients’ budget. Don’t miss out on any of your local display business opportunities!

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Pixel TechnologyReal PixelReal PixelReal PixelReal PixelReal Pixel
Pixel ArrangementsR/Y1R/Y1 or R/Y2R/Y2R/Y2R/Y4
Module Size16x168x88x88x88x8
Grayscale8 bits8 bits8 bits8 bits8 bits
Color Processing256256256256256
Frame Rate60 FPS60 FPS60 FPS60 FPS60 FPS
Refresh Rate300 Hz300 Hz300 Hz300 Hz300 Hz
Dimming100 Levels100 Levels100 Levels100 Levels100 Levels
Power Consumption(AC)0.105W/pixel0.105W/pixel0.105W/pixel0.105W/pixel0.202W/pixel
Optional Modular CabinetYYYYX