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Hyoco Software & System

Hyoco Software

Software & System

HYOCO gives you the whole package

Integrated Systems with Hardware and Software that free you from the compatibility issues and associated maintenance, offering tailored and fine tuned system for utmost performance while staying within cost.

These systems offering the core features of Design & Automation, Content Management and Play Back, while offering a superior ease of use User Interface greatly reducing the learning process, allowing the ease of full utilizing of the features and benefits, and are Turnkey System


LED Designer System

The Best 256 shade LED display controller in the World!

Internal to the display, lean and mean system for the task of managing simpler 256 Shades Monochrome/256 Color RGB LED Display, yet still offering all core ingredients of a managed display system


Elite Display System

Extreme user friendly yet with all the latest convenience 

Image processing and internet technology in 1 package. More powerful and sophisticated system over the LED Designer System for up to 281.5 Trillion True Color, with better image processing for more vibrant color and enhanced Internet for more dynamic and complex contents


HyImpress System

Easy Scheduling for billboards, Hotkey & Cloud networking

For more sophisticated displays and application, offering more professional features such as Drag & Drop, Multimedia Import, Multiple Playlist, Hotkeys and such for more dynamic changes requirement such as event billboard. Can be used for Internal and External use.

Upgrade to the HD version for features such as 4K video-ready, professional live video feeds, and full hot key instant clip management. It is the the most powerful LED display controller on the market.

Hyoco LED Displays are designed by Americans for America