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Hyoco was born in honoring Heston Yang, a legendary & visionary pioneer

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Throughout this industry many imitated, but never duplicated


It is the mission of Hyoco to continue the tradition set forth by Heston Yang, exploring new technology frontiers, delivering quality and durable products at reasonable cost. Every year, the Hyoco team continues pursuing the very same quest, by putting out new and durable products for the North American markets. Examples are the revised Hybrid pixels, HD display modules, automatic image processing software, HD display control system, ultra high rigidity slim enclosures, etc.


Many of Heston’s innovations from the last two decades, such as HYOCO’s individual louver design, LED pixel arrangement, enclosure, and removable modules and pixels, are still being made by the same factory and sold through Hyoco.

Hyoco stands for ‘Heston Yang Optoelectronics Corporation’. Hyoco was born in honoring Heston Yang, a legendary and visionary pioneer, who helped in maturing many technologies still used in LED Signage today.

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Hyoco LED Displays are designed by Americans for America