LED Display is the Signage for Today and Future

The 7 Hyoco Advantages bring our customers back every time


Superior Hardware & Software designed in California

Premium LED Display and state of art software are specified, developed and manufactured under Hyoco’s umbrella by our talented team. Being designed in California allow us to stay close to the market and develop products that address the market needs

Ultra bright diodes

Ultra Bright LED, Hyoco use 5mm Super-Oval LED pre-sorted and graded exclusively for Hyoco. These extremely high quality LEDs have higher efficiency for better energy saving, brighter output while providing a longer lifespan…

All Climate Cabinets

Allowing to endure extreme natural conditions. Hyoco designed and manufactured signs that have endured and withstood nature disasters. Our modules are manufactured using high quality GE Polymer, exceptional high quality 5mm Super-Oval LED that are presorted and graded exclusively for us, together with Hyoco’s proprietary sealing and design allowing us to use 8×8 Pixel Module while not sacrificing the superior quality. This allows us the flexibility and finer resolution to better accommodate the dimensions constrains

As the soul of the LED Display, our software are developed by our team of software engineers with equal experience that result in many trend setting features

Superior Hardware Hyoco

We prepare you ahead of time

Our experienced sales team will be your expert to consult with. Along with information such as viewing distance, traffic speed and zoning restrictions, Hyoco will help you understand the language of the LED Display world, “pixels & pixel pitch”.  Understanding how the pixel pitch and pixel resolution work together, our sales team will guide you towards a solution that matches your needs with your budget.

Our extremely experienced support team and engineers can walk you through technical issues, mounting constraints, software questions and custom projects that require research and development.

UL 48 & IP 65 on all products. Meeting regulation & ordinance requirements




True Local Support

Our support team is based in California working alongside our design team, so you will never be directed to an offshore call center to talk to someone is merely able to read from a script. Hyoco therefore strives on immediate, professional and courteous support and covering the office hours of North America coast to coast Hyoco provides the complete package, great service and a superior product.


True Warranty

Hyoco maintains parts availability for all current products, and for phased out products 5 years after EOL (End of Life). Hyoco offers a standard 5 year and optional extended warranty.


Low Cost

In today’s competitive market and low quality products flooding the market, getting the most for your money and receiving high value is rare. The initial cost does not represent the TCO throughout the lifespan of the display. The durability, serviceability, available support and parts cost all impact on the TCO. These are the areas Hyoco outshines the competitions by a huge margin.


System Integration & Customization

Our products are plug and play out of the box, however, when needs arise for multi-location features, “proof of performance”, DVI interface for broadcasting systems and such, our capable software engineers have the ability to write codes and perform custom system integration to address your needs.

Hyoco Softwate
Hyoco Display

Endorsed by the installed base of over 30,000 signs in North America 

Hyoco has sold through different brands, dealers and distributors all over America. As a further testimony, Hyoco is one of a very few approved manufacturers by international brand such as Times Warner, ABC and Burger King to name a few

Hyoco LED Displays are designed by Americans for America